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Linbay Machinery

-Two machining center work shops, two assembling work shops and two profile producing work shops.
-Factory covers an area of 10,000 ㎡. 
-Almost have 10 years production experience and have been over to more than 80 countries to install our equipment.

LINBAY MACHINERY is a renowned international brand that specializes in cutting-edge technology and has extensive expertise in the field of roll forming machines. Established in 2012 and located in the thriving city of Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China, LINBAY MACHINERY has gained a reputation for its exceptional technological capabilities and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our main production is roll forming machine, specially cable tray roll forming machine, strut channel/Solar photovoltaic stents roll forming machine, din rail roll forming machine, highway guardrail W beam/thrie beam roll forming machine, wire mesh fence post roll forming machine, scaffolding plank roll forming machine, upright rack roll forming machine, box beam roll forming machine, step beam roll forming machine, steel frame roll forming machine and roof panel roll forming machine.

Product Detail

As always we are focus con the machine for customized profiles and special profiles, and will do all we can to make this business relationship a success. With 10 years’ experience, the smallest profile that we have made is smaller than a pen, the precision that we have met is just +/-0.1mm, the run-out range of the rollers is only +/- 0.03mm, also we succeeded in making a 90°roof panel profile. We make unremitting efforts to satisfy our customers with the profile that other supplier aren’t able to do.

Our secret to producing this such high-precision roll forming machine is that we use Germany application Copra to make our design and 3D simulation function to ensure the profile. Besides, our factory has its own production line, from punching molds to forming rollers, each mechanical part is completed independently by our factory self. We strictly control the accuracy at each step from design, processing, assembling to quality control, we refuse to cut corners.

The company's team of experts possesses vast experience in the roll forming machine industry, and its products are known for their superior quality and precision. With a focus on innovation and continuous improvement, LINBAY MACHINERY is at the forefront of technological advancements in the field, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

As a global player, LINBAY MACHINERY is committed to expanding its presence in international markets. The company's success is a testament to its unwavering focus on delivering cutting-edge technology, exceptional quality, and unparalleled customer service. With a strong emphasis on experience, technical expertise, and professionalism, LINBAY MACHINERY continues to be a leading name in the roll forming machine industry, trusted by customers worldwide.

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To ensure that we can serve every customer even during the epidemic, LINBAY arranged for Spanish-speaking sales Ms Lydia and technical engineer Mr. Allen to visit our customers in South America, thus ensuring and improving our after-sales service system.

LINBAY MACHINERY's dedication to professionalism is reflected in its comprehensive range of roll forming machines, which find applications in various industries such as construction, automotive, and aerospace. The company's customer-centric approach ensures that each machine is tailored to meet the unique requirements of its clients, delivering outstanding performance and reliability.


LINBAY is trusty and responsible and we are your first choice of roll forming machine.


10 years production experience


Factory covers an area of 10,000 ㎡


Over to more than 80 countries


The precision that we have met is just +/-0.5mm